SpaceDev founding chairman and chief executive officer, Jim Benson, praised the Commercial Space Launch Amendments Act passed by the Senate late last week and urges President Bush to sign it into law.

The bill provides a legal basis for allowing private and commercial passenger space travel; establishes the concept of informed risk for space passengers; and establishes the definitions for sub-orbital space flight.

“The intense focus on safety by SpaceDev and other small, entrepreneurial space solutions companies has been paramount from day one, and an important reason Congress passed this space transportation legislation with favorable language regarding risk factors of passenger space travel. The legislation revives three decades of hope for space tourism, exploration and adventure that the public had, but which was all but lost since the end of the Apollo program,” says Benson.

The world has recently seen that the private sector can go from concept to man in space in dramatically less time and for dramatically less money than governmental programs. Private sector companies, like SpaceDev, can help create a dynamic, multibillion-dollar commercial space flight industry.

“This legislation introduces a refreshing new climate of flexibility. With the success of SpaceDev’s safe hybrid rocket motor technology, the success of SpaceShipOne, the entry of Richard Branson and Virgin Galactic into the commercial space tourism business, NASA seeking viable new space-faring capabilities, the new $50 million America’s Prize for human orbital transportation, space is exciting again!”

Mr. Benson continued, “Through safe and lower cost solutions produced by fast moving, entrepreneurial companies like SpaceDev, we could be delivering cargo and people to space in our lifetime. The new enthusiasm from the public is already leading to a rebirth of the space industry, with a new generation of ‘space cadets’ – those students enrolling in the burgeoning university programs for astronautical–rather than aeronautical–engineering programs, spearheading a ‘next-generation’ of space industry careers and experts. I am happy and proud to be part of this new wave of economic activity and a new start on the human exploration and development of the Infinite Frontier! This is truly revolutionary.”

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