SpaceDev is auctioning a world exclusive private space mission on eBay.
This first of its kind eBay auction is being listed for the ten-day
period of 8:00 PM (PST) Monday, November 10, through 8:00 PM (PST)
Thursday, November 20th.

The SpaceDev space mission auction is at:
category=45046&rd=1(Due to the length of this URL, it may be
necessary to copy and paste this hyperlink into your Internet
browser’s URL address field.)

Most earth orbiting small satellite missions can cost $25 million
or more, not including the launch. To demonstrate the affordability of
private space missions, SpaceDev has posted a “Buy it Now” price of
$9.5 million which includes an insured launch and on-orbit insurance.
The high bidder will win a spacecraft based on SpaceDev’s Maneuvering
and orbit Transfer Vehicle (MTV(TM)).

“I founded SpaceDev to accelerate the development of space, to get
the public involved in space, and to have fun,” said Jim Benson,
SpaceDev founder and CEO. “With our successful launch and operation of
CHIPSat earlier this year, and after being competitively selected to
provide safe hybrid rocket propulsion for manned space flight, we are
offering this unique space mission to the public.”

The high bidder has the right to supply his or her own payload, to
name the SpaceDev MTV(TM) satellite and to name the mission. The
winning bidder, which could be an individual, company or government
agency, can also be involved in the mission design, satellite assembly
and testing (including putting small personal items on the
spacecraft), can attend the launch, and can participate in on-orbit

The nominal payload is a camera that provides a view of the launch
separation on-orbit, a buyer-controlled camera on the spacecraft
looking back down on earth and into space 24 hours a day, or the buyer
can supply a SpaceDev-approved payload. The microsatellite camera can
be operated over the Internet by the winning bidder, similar to
SpaceDev’s CHIPSat microsat, which is the world’s first orbiting node
on the Internet. Specific terms are included in the eBay auction
listing. Search eBay for “SpaceDev.”

About SpaceDev

SpaceDev is a publicly traded company that creates and sells
affordable and innovative space products and services to government
and commercial enterprises. SpaceDev’s offering includes the design,
manufacture, marketing and operation of sophisticated micro- and nano-
satellites, hybrid rocket-based orbital Maneuvering and orbital
Transfer Vehicles (MTVs), as well as safe sub-orbital and orbital
hybrid rocket-based propulsion systems. For more information, visit

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