SpaceChannel is now live! On this day, IPX Entertainment launches a six-month promotional campaign to sign up members in advance of our content launch. Please take a look around and discover what we are offering here at SpaceChannel.TV.

Special Promotion valid until October 15th: For the first half a million people who sign up for the Space Champions Package, IPX Entertainment will provide two FREE entries for a contest (retail value, $7) to win $100,000 and a $192,500 trip to space on Rocketplane’s XP. Rocketplane is a company which is finishing up a $40 million development program in Oklahoma and is scheduled to begin test flights in early 2007, and may begin carrying passengers, including passengers, in the summer of 2007. We have contracted for enough entries so that SpaceChannel subscribers could fully fill eight complete tournaments, with a suborbital flight grand prize for each tournament. If more than 500,000 people sign up for the Space Champions Package by October 15, 2006, we will give every one of them two free entries for the contest. has reserved a block of seats from Rocketplane to fly in the first six months after Rocketplane has commenced revenue flight. These winners will receive civilian astronaut wings. Fewer than 1,000 people have ever crossed the 100 km mark to journey to space. The cost of a Space Champions Package will rise in the next month, so sign up now!

The tournament is a single elimination tournament style game where you compete against one other player to predict the weather in Central Park, New York City. You predict the high temperature for the next day. If you predict the high temperature better than your opponent, you advance through the tournament. 17 better predictions on the same entry and you win a trip to space.

SpaceChannel Features & Benefits

With SpaceChannel, brought to you by IPX Entertainment, you may access original content videos we have produced or licensed that cover the genre of space-related documentaries, history, sports, unscripted “reality TV” dramas, and science fiction.

Simply sign up for an account on SpaceChannel, purchase a SpaceDimes package of tokens, and redeem them for the videos you wish to watch when they become available.

Right now, SpaceChannel is in a six-month long promotional phase, for which we are signing up customers with either of two packages:

• Our Space Cadet Package may currently be purchased for just $10, giving the customer 100 SpaceDimes which may be used for purchasing viewing privileges to our videos. SpaceDimes may also be used for purchases on other websites which join the SpaceDimes Merchant Network. The $10 rate for the Space Cadet Package will rise in the next month, so sign up now to take advantage of this offer.

• Our Space Champions Package may be purchased for $50, adding to the customer’s account 500 SpaceDimes, as well as giving those customers our promotional offer of 2 FREE entries, as mentioned above. The $50 rate for the Space Champion Package will rise in the next month, to sign up now to take advantage of this offer.

In the coming months, as a SpaceChannel subscriber you may view several programs we are developing. The first in the line-up is a documentary about the IPX-sponsored expedition to a Mars-analog base in Utah, by a crew of eight scientists and engineers from the Mars Society of Canada. This feature, called “Crew 44”, tells the story of the 44th crew at the Mars Desert Research Station.

We are also bringing the world’s first Zero Gravity Sports League to you for your entertainment, first with a 16-episode unscripted reality series documenting how these Zero Gravity Football teams are created with athletes vying for a spot on a team, as well striving to win a $1,000,000 MVP Prize. The show, Space Champions: Zero Gravity, is currently in pre-production. We’re casting now for the athletes who have the Right Stuff to be a Space Champion. If you believe that is you, please see application details at

As Space Champions: Zero Gravity develops, we will make available online at SpaceChannel.TV videos at no charge, documenting pre-production and production of the show, including Audition Videos from the applicants, and Demostration Flights of the game.

There are several other series and features in development, and we will tell you about them on this website when we can make these exciting announcements. These programs cover the genres of space sports, unscripted reality series, and science fiction.

Customers should note that SpaceMiles, which are points in our loyalty program awarded to the customer with every purchase or redemption of SpaceDimes on SpaceChannel, may be redeemed to participate in our IPXN Zero Gravity Football Amateur Tournaments, which we will be offering soon. Only SpaceChannel customers may play in the tournaments that will raise money for worthy causes, while allowing you to enjoy the experience of Zero Gravity sports. All you need to do is accumulate enough SpaceMiles to participate. We will let you know ways to do so when the program is fully developed. For now, you get an equivalent number of SpaceMiles with every purchase of SpaceDimes, and additional SpaceMiles with every redemption of your SpaceDimes for SpaceChannel products and services.