Space Transportation Association supports President Bush’s space exploration vision and initiative for manned and robotic space flight to the Moon, and later to Mars.

Ty McCoy, Chairman of Space Transportation Association (“STA”), stated, “President Bush gets tremendous credit for developing a bold plan which he knows, and our industry knows, we can deliver on. What I like about the plan is that it is realistic, affordable, and time phased.”

Added Richard Coleman, President of STA, “First, President Bush supports, and STA supports, Return to Flight of the Space Shuttle, and completion of the International Space Station. This is imperative, we must continue manned space flight and construction and utilization of the Station, as a precursor to going to the Moon and Mars. Space Shuttle derived systems could play a significant role in developing the needed capability, as well as technologies already developed for Space Shuttle and ISS.”

“Second, our industry has built and operates two very capable EELVs (Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicles), Boeing’s Delta IV and Lockheed Martin’s Atlas V, both will prove valuable in supporting President Bush’s space initiative. Additionally, there are entrepreneurial space launch companies who bring ideas, energy, and technology who are likely to contribute to the effort” Coleman said.

“While STA must learn more details, it appears that transitioning from the planned Orbital Space Plane to the Crew Exploration Vehicle is sensible. American ingenuity built the launch vehicles, capsules, and infrastructure to support Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs; it built Space Shuttle, International Space Station, and EELVs, and American industry will build the Crew Exploration Vehicle”, Coleman stated.

STA also believes, “it is imperative for the nation to continue to invest in advanced propulsion technologies to fully realize the President’s ambitious vision for space exploration”, said Coleman

Lastly, Coleman observed, “industry has the ability to build a family of space tugs, or reusable upper stages, capable of transporting the Crew Exploration Vehicle and cargo from LEO (Low Earth Orbit) to GEO (Geosynchronous Orbit) and lunar orbit. Plans for a space tug need to be developed to support the President’s overall effort.”

Space Transportation Association, founded in 1989 by Lt. Gen. Dan Graham, promotes robust, safe, cost effective, manned and robotic U.S. space transportation and infrastructure to support NASA, DOD, and commercial markets. Its members include Aerojet, ATK, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, SpaceX, and United Space Alliance.

Contact: Richard Coleman, President, Space Transportation Association
Phone: 703-855-3917