On the occasion of Space Tech Expo Europe, the French company Nimesis unveils its latest space innovations:

Small, powerful, and necessary for space projects, intelligent actuators are used to lock and unlock, deploy, or dismantle space mechanisms. Nimesis, a French company located near Metz, specializes in this type of components. The company will present its innovative products from the 16 to 18 November at the Space Tech Expo, the key event for the European space industry.


The company’s flagship product is Triggy, a launch lock device (LLD). Lightweight and compact, it offers high performances for satellites of all sizes (from 1U to the largest), but also for other spacecraft such as rovers or launch vehicles.

Nimesis offers a complete range of 16 models, the smallest weighing 3.5g and having a preload of 1350N, the largest having a preload of up to 60kN. This performance is the results of Nimesis’ advanced shape memory alloy technology, in particular the CN250X alloy developed internally with a unique and innovative know-how.


Nimesis aims to offer a complete catalogue of space actuators: alongside with Triggy.

The Hector rotary actuator and the Pinloader self-resetting actuator are part of this catalogue.


Alain Hautcoeur, CEO of Nimesis: “For the men and women of Nimesis, the Industry of the Future is Space. Today, we have a cutting-edge technology that allows us to offer high-performance actuators like the TRIGGY. These devices, designed to lock and unlock all types of equipment on satellites and spacecraft, are lighter, more compact, and more efficient. Completely manufactured and assembled in France, plug and play, they are easily integrated into systems and sub-systems. Four other actuators are currently being developed and deployed. Standard or customised, our products reflect our know-how: at the cutting edge of space innovation.


A recent video on Triggy is available here.


These devices are characterised by a very simple design, containing only few components, without any electronic complexity. They are a new generation of motorless mechanisms, requiring less volume and less energy, making them a robust and very reliable asset. 

In fact, in this industry, reliability is indeed paramount: a malfunction can jeopardise the success of an entire mission.


The Nimesis team is proud to be actively involved in several space missions, including the exploration of the Martian moon Phobos – MMX (Martian Moon Exploration) in collaboration with the French Space Agency CNES, the German Space Agency (DLR) and the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA).


The main clients of the company, founded in 2008, are specialists in the space industry, but also in biomedicine (stents etc.), the nuclear sector (thermal safety systems etc.), the energy sector and the luxury watch industry. 


If you would like to know more about our technology and materials, Visit us from November 16th to 18th 2021 at booth M42 – Space Tech Expo, Bremen, Germany. Our staff will be happy to support you and.