Space Simulation Services of Canada (SSSOC), today, has announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) with Solutions Connektica Inc. (Connektica); with the purpose of defining a cooperation agreement related to delivering industry leading testing expertise and support, via joint testing projects to support the Canadian and International Space Sectors.

Under the terms of the MOU, SSSOC and Connektica will work together to support a wide variety of testing services, including Thermal Vacuum (TVAC) and Radiofrequency (RF), to support the research, development and deployment of products going into space.

The two companies will also undertake to explore the integration and use of their respective software to provide a seamless solution to customers requiring a full range of testing solutions. This will also accelerate their joint capabilities to offer comprehensive testing solutions for TVAC, Structural and RF.

“We are excited about taking this important step to complement our expertise and provide our clients a complete testing solution.” Michael

“Through this cooperation, our clients are now able to get end-to-end testing.” Jeremy

About Space Simulation Services Of Canada

Space Simulation Services of Canada is a Canadian Startup that provides a streamlined suite of environmental simulation services to the Satellite and Aerospace industry.

We work with our clients to accelerate and enhance their product development and production cycles, by providing timely access to our facility and expertise. SSSOC services include:

  • Thermal Vacuum Testing Chamber and cleanroom testing facility
  • Low Atmosphere Testing services
  • Remote viewing of all client data
  • Licensing of our patented testing facility for turnkey solutions
  • Consulting services

About Solutions Connektica

Used for radiofrequency satellites qualification and performances validation, Connektica helps you to excel the quality standards of the space industry. Connektica offers an AI-driven test platform that significantly reduces cost and time of radiofrequency testing through a rare combination of expertise’s in electromagnetism, process automation, data analysis and artificial intelligence.

Connektica’s platform can be offered as a suite of easily integrated software modules or as a turnkey end-to-end solution depending on the needs of its customers.

This approach is specialized for ground testing of passive components, antennas, active devices and is ideal to answer the new cost constraints imposed by the fast-expending market of small and nano satellites constellations in Low Earth Orbit (LEO).


Michael Graham

Jeremy Perrin