announced today the launch of their much anticipated internet skill-game, offering winners a trip to space aboard a Rocketplane. The game costs three dollars for an entry, and is conducted in a tournament style. SpaceShot’s new game represents a new era both in private space travel and online gaming.

“I am proud to announce that space travel is now open to all people!” said SpaceShot founder Sam Dinkin. “This product will appeal to those who always wanted to go to space, but don’t have the deep pockets to buy their way.”

The space industry is a rapidly evolving business. The private sector is pushing hard to sell space travel to wealthy adventurers. For $20 million one can embark on a flight to the International Space Station, and for $100 million you will soon be able to buy a flight around the Moon. Virgin Galactic is planning to charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for a ride into sub-orbital space. However, SpaceShot founder Sam Dinkin wants to open space up to all classes of people, not just the most wealthy.

“When I was a child, we were promised space would be for everyone,” said Dinkin. “SpaceShot will be the first to deliver on that promise.”

SpaceShot Players compete in a skill game predicting the daily high temperature for Central Park, New York City. The game is held in a tournament style format; predict better than your opponent and you advance. Players enter additional predictions for daily low, precipitation and humidity as tie-breakers. This continues through a multiple round tournament format until there is only one winner. These winners will be the next team of civilian astronauts.

The initial grand prizes are suborbital flights from Rocketplane Ltd. Rocketplane is based in Oklahoma and has invested over $40 million in designing, building and testing a Learjet-based suborbital spaceplane. They won approval of $13 million in R&D investment tax credits from the State of Oklahoma, and expect an FAA launch license as well as test flights to begin in at Spaceport Oklahoma in 2007. Paying passenger flights are expected in summer 2007.

SpaceShot has contracted for hundreds of seats worth tens of millions of dollars. Every spaceflight won requires the exact same number of players so the more people who play, the more often a spaceflight will be awarded.

SpaceShot, Inc. is a Texas corporation bringing the hope of space travel to people of all means. hosts tournament style games of skill with space travel prizes.

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