Media are invited to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida to view the Space Launch System (SLS) core stage pathfinder arrival on board the agency’s Pegasus Barge on Friday, Sept. 27 and the unloading and movement of the pathfinder on Monday, Sept. 30. Subject matter experts from the SLS program, Exploration Ground Systems (EGS) program and contractor Jacobs will be available to discuss the use of the pathfinder and the upcoming testing.

The SLS core stage pathfinder is a full-scale mockup that is identical to the core stage in shape, size and weight. The pathfinder, though not actual flight hardware, will provide the EGS team with the opportunity to practice stacking maneuvers and certify the new system inside the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) High Bay 3 before Artemis flight hardware arrives next year. Over the next several months, pathfinder will be used to validate ground support equipment and demonstrate how the core stage will be integrated in the VAB – the same process the actual core stage will undergo when being processed for Artemis I.

Accreditation for this activity is open to U.S. media only. To receive credentials for this event, media must apply online by Tuesday, Sept. 24.

If you plan to attend on both days, you must apply separately for each event and are required to pick up credentials both days. All media accreditation requests must be submitted online at:

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