Space industry veteran Zigmond Leszczynski has been appointed as chief executive officer of cislunar space technology company United Space Structures (USS), which is focused on opening the new frontier of space to humanity.


USS seeks to be the leader in the cislunar ecosystem for space logistics and lunar infrastructure, with the intent ofestablishing economic activities and habitation on the Moon. Cislunar space, the region between Earth and the Moon, is the ideal environment for proving the systems required for eventual human exploration of Mars. 


“Zig has significant executive and technical experience to lead our initiatives for developing the technologies and ecosystems needed for people to live, and thrive, on the Moon,” says Rhonda Stevenson, chairman of the board. “His track record managing critical AI and analytics projects with NASA, NOAA, DARPA, and Space Force bodes well for the success of our company. He has a career of leading organizations that have revolutionized and advanced the space field.”


Leszczynski, a co-founder and USS board member, is a veteran space industry executive, entrepreneur, and space domain expert. Before joining USS, he initiated and led the Artificial Intelligence (AI), Analytics, and Innovation Department at The Aerospace Corporation for six years as its director. There, he led groundbreaking work on the applications of AI in the space domain, which generated new revenue and seminal research. 


Prior to his role at Aerospace, Leszczynski served as deputy executive director for the Virginia Commercial Space Flight Authority. His leadership was critical in establishing the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport as a major launch facility on the East Coast, launching NASA Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environmental Explorer (LADEE) to the Moon, and overseeing resupply missions to the International Space Station.


Leszczynski retired from the Navy as a commander with 21 years of honorable service as a naval flight officer and navy space cadre expert. While serving, he initiated and led the Naval Space Campaign for more than 10 years, deliveringcutting-edge space capabilities at the tactical edge. He deployed and served in several senior positions, including space operations officer for two carrier strike groups, space advisor for two major commands, and deputy director of Space Forces. As a mission commander in the S-3B Viking aircraft, he logged more than 1,000 hours, with 440 aircraft carrier arrested landings and 40 combat missions.


Leszczynski has served as a mentor for several startup companies in the AI and space fields. He has served on the board of directors for the American Astronautical Society. He is also an associate fellow in the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, where he has served on the Intelligent Systems Technical Committee. 


Leszczynski graduated from the Naval Postgraduate School with a M.S. in Astronautical Engineering and the United States Naval Academy with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering.


About United Space Structures

United Space Structures (USS) is driving development of lunar infrastructure to facilitate a permanent, sustainable human presence on the Moon. The company focused on developing new technologies in cislunar space logistics, lunar data center networks, robotics and AI. USS capabilities are scalable for extending a spacefaring civilization to Mars. Visit