Today, the Space Frontier Foundation announced a new strategy and commitment to entrepreneurship in the space industry that will drive the nonprofit organization’s activities and initiatives over the next five years. The Foundation also added that as settlement of space becomes both achievable and inevitable, it is equally important that we advance environmental principles that ensure the intelligent management of space resources and planetary protection.

“Our vision and commitment to opening the space frontier to human settlement remains the same,” said Hannah Kerner, executive director of the Space Frontier Foundation. “But the world has changed in the last 28 years since our founding in 1988. A healthy commercial space industry is not just a future goal, but a reality with immense economic opportunity.”

The Foundation has long been an advocate for space settlement, and will now advance the idea that settlement of other planets will enable humanity to sustain and protect Earth. “We need to and can align our goals for the sustainability of our planet and solar system with space exploration – we see it as a natural fit,” said Kerner. “The Space Frontier Foundation will take a leadership position on this topic and advance policies, partnerships and ideas to further this goal.”

With the equally important goal of empowering innovation and investment in the space economy in mind, the Foundation has created NewSpace Venture Labs (NSVL). A virtual accelerator and leading initiative of the organization, NSVL supports the development of young ventures looking to utilize space as a resource and competitive advantage. The Foundation will also offer an investor concierge service at the NewSpace 2016 conference that connects entrepreneurs with investors in the $315 billion global space economy.

In addition, the Foundation has appointed Jeff Matthews as director of Venture Strategy and Research, a new role within the organization. Matthews will direct all venture capital research, with a focus on industry engagement and partnerships, also providing leadership for NewSpace Venture Labs.

“Our new direction reaffirms our commitment to space entrepreneurship with programs aimed at fostering young leaders, start-ups and emerging companies in the space industry,” said Kerner.

About Space Frontier Foundation

Founded in 1988, the Space Frontier Foundation is a leading 501(c) 3 non-profit organization committed to opening the space frontier to human settlement through the power of free enterprise. The Space Frontier Foundation forges cross-industry relationships, drives public engagement and advocates governmental support through special projects, events and strategic congressional campaigns to build a thriving space economy. We are dedicated to providing an avenue for incubation and collaboration that supports entrepreneurs in the space industry. The Space Frontier Foundation is the host and organizer of the NewSpace Conference, a ten-year running event that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, engineers and policy leaders to advance the commercial space industry. For more information, please visit