Colorado Springs, Colo. (January 6, 2005) Space Foundation President and Chief Executive Officer Elliot G. Pulham commented today on the White House release of the new U.S. Space Transportation Policy:

“Our early assessment of this new national space transportation policy is that it provides a thoughtful, balanced and forward-looking approach to our nation’s space transportation requirements. It provides clear lines of responsibility among agencies and departments, and it appropriately recognizes the tremendous potential and strength of the private sector. Access to space is the foundation of our civil, national security, and commercial space efforts, and it is vital that government and industry work together productively to address national needs in this area.

“Further, this new policy marks another example of the Administration’s recognition of space policy as critical to the nation’s economic and national security. Coupled with a new remote sensing policy, GPS policy, and U.S. Space Exploration policy, this space transportation policy offers proof that the White House understands, and has been responsive to, the needs of the space community. The White House’s efforts, along with the ongoing efforts of the interagency groups involved in developing and reviewing the new space policies, are to be commended.”

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