Space Foundation, a 501(c)(3) global space advocate for nearly 40 years, today announced TheraLight, LLC as the most recent company to become a Space Certification partner for its adaptation of light-emitting diode (LED) technology originally developed for plant growth experiments conducted by NASA.


Space Certification Program awards a “seal of approval” to commercial companies that demonstrate products and services in technology, data, education and creative markets that originate from space technology and are a source of inspiration for discoveries and innovations in the global space ecosystem. Today, every community, infrastructure, and aspect of modern life is either profoundly dependent on or indirectly affected by space-related innovations.


Commenting on the new partnership, TheraLight COO Justin Vorwaller said, “TheraLight is extremely proud of our new relationship with Space Foundation. Our company and products will benefit greatly from this unique recognition, and we believe that our consistent use of the Space Certification Program and official seals will expand the awareness of photobiomodulation.”


Also commenting on the partnership, Carah Barbarick, space awareness programs manager at Space Foundation, said, “We are thrilled to have TheraLight as a Space Certification partner. Their innovative approach to photomedicine is an inspirational example of how space technology can be transformed to benefit the lives of individuals around the world.”


Therapeutic Value Tested in Space Returns to Earth 


TheraLight is a medical device company that is at the forefront of providing LED light therapy (low-level light therapy, or LLLT), now referred to as photobiomodulation (PBMT). PBMT is a noninvasive treatment that can reduce pain and inflammation and encourage faster healing in wounds, tendons, nerves and bones, safely and without the use of drugs.


Instead of simply treating symptoms, PBMT stimulates the body to repair itself by delivering healing energy on a cellular level. NASA performed much of the landmark research for light therapy in the 1990s through the 2000s. In 2002, after receiving grants from NASA and the National Institutes of Health for LED research, Dr. Harry T. Whelan published “The Use of NASA Light-Emitting Diode Near-Infrared Technology for Biostimulation,” which demonstrated the application of light therapy to significantly improve the medical care available to astronauts on long-term space missions.


TheraLight has adapted and evolved this concept into a 360-degree, full-body light therapy system utilizing LED diodes. TheraLight is a PBMT system utilizing red and near-infrared LEDs in four wavelengths that deliver maximized treatment coverages for the entire body simultaneously, improving overall results.


“Twenty years after Dr. Whelan used LED pads in his research and envisioned an LED blanket device for the prevention of bone and muscle atrophy in astronauts, our company has developed more than just a blanket, but an entire 360-degree LED treatment system,” said Vorwaller. “Each TheraLight product, using multiple wavelengths, is able to deliver maximized treatment coverages of the entire body so that optimal health and wellness outcomes are achieved.”


TheraLight, LLC is headquartered in Lindon, Utah. Learn more about the company at


About Space Foundation


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About TheraLight, LLC


TheraLight, LLC is a medical device company and emerging global leader in innovative photomedicine technology. Representing management with more than 30 years of experience, the company provides expertise in design, manufacturing, production, and regulatory compliance. The company partners with healthcare professionals to bring the best and newest technology, with advanced training and support that maximize clinical and financial outcomes. TheraLight is committed to research and development that will provide long-term success and drive change in medicine by raising standards of medical care, with the goal of improving the quality of life of every patient using their products. The company is committed to becoming and remaining an innovative leader in medicine.




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