Colorado Springs, Colo. (January 14, 2005) The Space Foundation announced today it officially recognizes Eagle Shield as a Certified Space Technology™. Eagle Shield, Inc., of San Ramon, Calif., produces the Eagle Shield Radiant Barrier Reflective Insulation product.

The Space Foundation, in cooperation with NASA, manages the Space Certification Program to recognize innovators who transform technology originally developed for space use into commercial products, to increase public awareness of the benefits of space transfer technology, and to encourage further innovation. For more than 40 years at NASA, the world’s best engineers bred a host of advanced technologies that fueled America’s efforts in space and resulted in a number of earthly applications as well. Now, qualified products and services incorporating those technologies can be officially tied to U.S. space efforts through the Space Certification Program, including the Eagle Shield Radiant Barrier.

“Eagle Shield was awarded the Certified Space Technology™ seal because it effectively applies space-based technology to help people save money and energy and live in their homes more comfortably,” said Kevin C. Cook, Space Foundation director of space awareness programs. “Eagle Shield brings space-age technology down to Earth in a very real way that benefits everyone.”

“Eagle Shield is a radiant barrier which, when simply laid on top of existing ceiling insulation, helps reduce heating and cooling bills, extend the life of heating and cooling systems, and increase the comfort level of a home,” said Garrett Harwood, president and chief executive officer of Eagle Shield, Inc.

Eagle Shield consists of two sheets of 99.5 percent industrial grade aluminum adhered together and tri-laminated to a thermal break to create a two-sided reflector. It cuts heating and cooling costs by lowering the amount of heat transferred into a home in the summer and out of a home in the winter.

The Radiant Barrier Reflective Insulation technology used in Eagle Shield was developed by NASA over 40 years ago to protect astronauts in the Apollo program from temperatures that ranged from 250 degrees above zero to 460 degrees below zero Fahrenheit. Radiant Barrier Reflective Insulation has been applied to every spacecraft since then, including unmanned spacecraft with delicate instruments that need protection from temperature extremes. The same technology is also applied to astronaut’s space suits, protecting them during space walks.

Eagle Shield was highlighted in the 2004 issue of NASA’s Spinoff Magazine, which features successfully commercialized NASA technologies.

About Eagle Shield, Inc.

Founded in 2003, Eagle Shield, Inc., is an industry leader in developing reflective insulation products that provide advanced thermal protection from hot and cold climates for all residential homeowners. Eagle Shield Inc., offers homeowners the ability to increase dramatically the comfort level in their homes, while also lowering their utility bills. Customers have experienced utility savings from 20 percent to 44 percent. All Eagle Shield customers have their attics insulated, air conditioning and heating ducts wrapped and sealed, and their water heaters wrapped. With nationwide financing available through the Electric and Gas Industries Association (EGIA), customers enjoy the added benefit of letting their utility savings cover the investment without incurring an additional expense. Eagle Shield’s product warranty provides peace of mind through its 3-year satisfaction guarantee in writing.

More information about Eagle Shield products can be found online at or by calling (800) 811-0466.

About The Space Foundation

Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Colorado Springs, the Space Foundation is a national nonprofit organization that vigorously advances civil, commercial, and national security space endeavors and educational excellence. The Space Foundation has offices in Washington, D.C., and Cape Canaveral, Fla. For more information about the Space Foundation and the Space Certification Program visit