A study on "Space and Security Policy in Europe" was initiated by ESA in the
framework of its General Studies Programme. It has been performed by a network
of European experts in space and security under the coordination of IAI
(Istituto Affari Internazionali, Italy).

The research team included also:

  • European Union Institute for Security Studies (EU ISS), Paris
  • Centre for European Reform (CER), London, UK
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft f¸r Ausw‰rtige Politik (DGAP), Berlin
  • Fondation pour la Recherche StratÈgique (FRS), Paris
  • Institut d’Etudes EuropÈennes of the University of Louvain, Belgium

In addition contributions were made by Swedish and Spanish researchers.

The study offers a comprehensive analysis of national and intergovernmental
aspects of the European Space security policy.

A presentation of the Study Report was organised by IAI and ESA in Rome on 2
December at the Centre for High Defence Studies. About 150 high-level
participants from national and European space and defence institutions, the
European Union, the European Space Agency and industry participated in the

A new security concept is emerging. The evolution of the foreign, security and
defence policy (CFSP, ESPD) and the protection of population requires an
integrated approach. The evolution of European space policy towards the
integration of security is encouraged by the recent signature of the Framework
cooperation agreement between ESA and the European Union and the approval of the
White Book on Space.

Security needs to be connected to technological progress. Space assets must be
used to protect population resources and territories, but also to maintain the
integrity and the capabilities of the technological base. Space systems are a
fundamental aspect of ‘technological security’; they offer extremely versatile
solutions in a global international dimension. As Jean-Jacques Dordain, ESA’s
Director General said when presenting the report: "There is no security without
space and there is no space without security".

This research analyses how the different EU actors deal with these topics and
how to promote a convergence towards a European Space Security Policy. The
specific role ESA could play in this context is highlighted.

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