Sophic Synergistics, LLC – a Houston-based human centered design consulting firm led by Founder and CEO Cynthia Rando, CHFP – announced today that it has partnered with Axiom Space who has been awarded one of the two first commercial spacesuit services contracts from NASA to provide the next generation of Exploration Extravehicular Activity Services (xEVAS). This contract award signifies NASA’s continued effort to enabling its vision of a thriving commercial space economy, by awarding the first contract for commercial spacesuit services. Under this “EVA as a Service” contract, awardees will provide an EVA system (spacesuit, associated hardware, and services) capability for the International Space Station (ISS), Artemis, and Advanced program missions. The contract will have an ordering period of 10 years from the contract effective date with a potential total value of $3.5 billion across the life of the program. Axiom Space is a commercial space technology company with a vision to lead the aerospace industry into the commercialization era by building the world’s first commercial space station. Axiom Space is led by Michael Suffredini, President, and CEO.

The Sophic Synergistics – Axiom Space partnership is significant as spacesuits are a critical component to enable exploration in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and beyond and will require an extensive focus on the end user to ensure a successful and safe design. Through this unique partnership with Sophic Synergistics, Axiom Space will develop commercial spacesuits that bring the best human-centered design methodologies to bear in a new commercial development era, resulting in spacesuits that are crew centric, innovative, functional, and most importantly, safe for the next generation of professional and private astronauts.

“Sophic has been working diligently within the commercial space sector over the years to implement a model of human centered design that allows for flexibility and agility while maintaining the integrity and safety of the practice. We are beyond thrilled to be continuing to push the boundaries of space exploration and technology development with our partner Axiom Space and creating a culture of confidence in commercial capabilities for the US Government.” – Cynthia Rando, CHFP, Sophic Synergistics Founder and CEO

“We are proud to partner with Sophic to build an expert team to develop the next generation astronaut spacesuit that will equip a new era of space exploration in low Earth Orbit, at the International Space Station and on the Moon with the Artemis lunar mission. The xEVAS spacesuits contract opens a new exciting endeavor in human spaceflight expanding opportunities for the commercial space industry to grow and achieve greater accomplishments for more of humanity.” – Mark Greeley, Axiom xEVAS Program Manager

This new NASA contract enables Axiom Space to work with its partners to build next generation astronaut spacesuits that serve the Axiom’s growing list of commercial customers, private astronauts, and future commercial space station goals while meeting NASA’s ISS and Artemis lunar exploration needs.

Sophic Synergistics has quickly become a sought after trusted partner to commercial companies within many industries including aerospace. With current contracts supporting multiple facets of the aerospace architecture (such as the Human Landing System (HLS) and the development of the world’s first commercial space station), the xEVAS contract allows Sophic Synergistics to expand the value of human-centered design to commercial spacesuit development and support another channel for commercial aerospace success. The company has demonstrated its immense value through listening, problem-solving, and integrating human-centered methodologies into the core facets of the strategic approach to business, including product and service design and development. Sophic Synergistics places their complete focus on the client’s that they serve and the end users that they represent within the design lifecycle, resulting in attainable solutions that enhance the human experience on and off the Earth with safety as a core focus.

About Sophic Synergistics, LLC

Sophic Synergistics, LLC is a human centered design consulting firm that focuses on an industry-agnostic approach to human centered design implementation to serve a multitude of industries, such as aerospace and medical. The company’s strategy is to help businesses grow through the development of products, services, and environments that provide the best solutions for humans everywhere because they are safe, usable and deliver unforgettable experiences.


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