On Friday, May 22nd, at 6 pm PDT / 9 pm EDT/ 01:00 UTC (5/23), Slooh will look at Saturn, as Saturn looks its very best. The night of May 22nd or morning of May 23rd, depending on your time zone, is when Saturn hits its opposition, also known as the time it is closest to Earth all year. The live feed for this show will be coming from Slooh telescopes at the Canary Islands that will endeavor to highlight the beauty of this planet’s rings.

The live broadcast (http://www.slooh.com) will be manned by Slooh host Eric Edelman, Slooh astronomer Will Gater, and a special guest incredibly knowledgeable about Saturn and its moons: planetary scientist Dr. Jonathan Lunine of Cornell University. The conversation will center around what we have been discovering about this planet from the Cassini mission, with a focus on the search for life on Saturn’s moons. Viewers can ask questions to be considered live with the hashtag #SuperSaturn.

This is one of those objects that is easily visible to the naked eye, and it will be particularly bright at opposition, though still not quite reaching the levels of Venus or Jupiter. Saturn will rise with the night, and be highest in the sky near 1 am (5/23) for skygazers in the US. Take a look at the planetary dot for yourself, before seeing it blow into color and detail live on Slooh.

Says Will Gater, “Seeing Saturn for the first time is a very special moment for any astronomer. I can’t wait to share the live images with our Slooh viewers — hopefully we’ll introduce many budding astronomers to this beautiful world. I’m also really looking forward to hearing what planetary scientist Jonathan Lunine has to say about the incredible moons that orbit Saturn. Science and spectacular views — this show will have it all!”

Eric Edelman
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