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The NEOCam sensor (right) is the lynchpin for the proposed Near Earth Object Camera, or NEOCam, space mission (left) managed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  Credit: Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Jupiter’s icy moon Europa (above left in a reprocessed color view made by images taken by NASA’s Galileo
spacecraft in the late 1990) is thought to have a warm ocean shrouded beneath a layer of ice. Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus (shown in cross section above right)
is also believed to have a liquid ocean between its rocky core and icy crust. Credit: NASA
ESA Director General Jan Woerner (center) and Nicolas Chamussy, executive vice president of space systems at Airbus Defence and Space (second from right) get some help from organizers of The Moon Race holding up the inflatable moon that made the rounds at the 2018  International Astronautical Congress in Bremen, Germany, Oct. 1-5. Credit: ESA photo by Philippe Sebirot
Canada-based MDA had to resubmit paperwork to CFIUS during its acquisition of DigitalGlobe of Colorado last year for reasons that weren’t entirely clear. CFIUS approved the merger, enabling the creation of the combined company Maxar Technologies, following a 30-day extension of its review process. DigitalGlobe’s WorldView 4 satellite, which launched in 2016, is shown above being prepared for shipping. Credit: Lockheed Martin
Ian Fichtenbaum writes about the need to examine how to build a robust space economy and infrastructure, one built to accommodate future growth.
Construction workers at Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska, move a protective enclosure in February as part of transition to new terminals that work with Wideband Global SATCOM satellites. Credit: U.S. Defense Department
NASA's hobbled Kepler telescope continues to hunt exoplanets by using solar pressure along with the remaining two reaction wheels and thrusters to orient the spacecraft. Credit: NASA illustration
Fred Kennedy, director of DARPA tactical technology office.
Mars Rover Opportunity
Maxar Technologies Telstar 19 Vantage
U.S. Defense Secretary is welcomed by Indian Minister of Defense Nirmala Sitharaman to New Delhi on Sept. 5. Mattis is in New Delhi for the first-ever U.S.-India “2+2” ministerial dialogue, in which Mattis and U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo will meet with their Indian counterparts. (DoD photo by Lisa Ferdinando)
SN Awards Feature Image
By creating a demand function for propellant for future exploration and providing key investments…the U.S. government can create an environment where free enterprise can thrive and the nation and world economy can prosper by expanding the Earth’s economic realm into space. Credit: SpaceNews illustration
SSL satellite servicing concept
In this European Space Agency illustration, a satellite breaks up, adding to the growing population of orbital debris. Debris-clearing spacecraft the U.S., China and others have in the works could easily double as anti-satellite weapons. Credit: ESA

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