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NASA signs agreement with Italy to cooperate on Artemis
HyImpulse hybrid rocket motor roars to life for the first time
NASA delays Dragonfly launch by a year
SpaceX’s GPS contract modified to allow reuse of Falcon 9 boosters
U.K. to revise strategy for satellite navigation system
NASA working with cosmetics company on space station commercialization
U.S. Space Command announces improvements in space debris tracking
SAR Renaissance: Pandemic slows but doesn’t stop constellation progress
Hemeria seeks niche in microsat manufacturing
Pandemic may delay several NASA astrophysics missions
BlackSky to add high-resolution satellites in 2022,  signs deal with U.S. Army
U.S. military to test Isotropic Systems antennas with SES satellites
Bridenstine asks Senate appropriators for full funding for Artemis
Roper: Space Force could save money and time with digitally-designed satellites
Spire adding cross links to cubesat constellation
Airbus signs $350 million contract to build CRISTAL ice-monitoring satellite for EU

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