Daily coverage of the global space industry with an emphasis on business and political news.

FCC C-band auction raised nearly $81 billion so far
NASA ceases efforts to deploy Mars InSight heat flow probe
After further review, Space Force confirms selection of NSTXL to manage industry consortium
OneWeb raises $400 million
SLS core stage ready for Green Run test firing
Report: U.S. military space programs at risk of losing domestic sources of key components
Blue Origin launches New Shepard vehicle intended for crewed flights
Hanwha Aerospace claims 30% stake in Satrec Initiative
China moves to next stage of super heavy rocket development
Next-generation Dragon cargo spacecraft returns from space station
OneWeb slashes size of future satellite constellation
SpaceX wins contracts for lunar lander, environmental satellite launches
Alabama’s Redstone Arsenal selected as future home of U.S. Space Command
Blue Origin preparing for next New Shepard flight
NASA and Japan finalize Gateway agreement
NGA wants faster access to commercial geospatial data

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