Made in Space infographic
A Deep Space Industries concept for a spacecraft that could retrieve space resources from the surface of an asteroid. Credit: Bryan Versteeg / DSI
George Nield
SpaceX conducts its 16th launch of 2017, delivering  Koreasat-5A to orbit Oct. 30.  Its planned 17th launch of the year, a classified payload dubbed Zuma, has been delayed past Thanksgiving by a fairing issue. (SpaceX)
Relativity Space claims its building-size Stargate rocket mill is the largest metal 3D printer in the world. (Relativity Space)
5 Commercial Markets for Space graphic
Cubic Corporation's Victor Vega installs GATR Technologies’ inflatable antenna on rooftop of City Hall in Vieques, Puerto Rico. (Cubic Corporation)
Hydro Quebec was the first utility company to install Lindsey Manufacturing's SmartLine Dynamic Line Rating technology to monitor power line usage and share data through the Iridium network. (Hydro Quebec)
Left, a Climate FieldView vegetative map at 5m resolution from a satellite image; Right, the same map from aerial image provided by TerrAvion, at 0.5m resolution.
Made In Space produced these tin-bismuth cast metal pipe fittings to demonstrate the type of components it could produce in orbit. (Made In Space)