is reporting from Colorado Springs, Colorado, April 4-7 to bring you comprehensive coverage of the 37th Space Symposium.

China’s party conclave signals strong support for Xi’s space agenda
Space Force looking at what it will take to refuel satellites in orbit
Maxar eager to launch new satellites amid soaring demand for imagery over Ukraine
Moog opens spacecraft-integration facility
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Space Development Agency to accelerate deployment of missile-tracking satellites
Air Force space experiment will seek to demonstrate multi-orbit satellite navigation
Japanese satellite laser-comm startup Warpspace draws bead on U.S. market
BlackSky looks to expand its military business amid growing interest in commercial satellite imagery
Astroscale to restart debris-removal demo with half the thrusters
Path to sustainable space unclear after Russia’s Ukraine invasion
Starlink loses French spectrum license
E-Space sheds more light on sustainable megaconstellation plan
Antonov shortage threatens delivery delays for the biggest satellites
Artemis lunar lander contenders revisit team rosters for round two
ESA continues talks with NASA on ExoMars cooperation

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