is reporting from the SMD Symposium August 6-8, 2019.
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U.S. Army hands over satellite operations to Space Force, but keeps a foothold in space
Army looking at new ways to use space technology for unconventional warfare
Lockheed Martin’s venture fund to increase investments in space companies
Tracking debris and space traffic a growing challenge for U.S. military
U.S. Space Command basing decision approaching final stretch
SpaceLink and U.S. Army to study use of relay constellation to deliver data to troops in the field
Griffin: Budget, political support top concerns for Space Development Agency
Vector Launch awarded its first U.S. Air Force mission
ULA receives contract for what could be the final Delta 4 Heavy mission
Top SASC Democrat sees momentum building for a space force
Air Force seeking new partner to complete work on experimental missile warning satellite
Army general poised to become No. 2 at U.S. Space Command