The 31st AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites, being held Aug. 5-10 in Logan, Utah, is expected to attract roughly 2,500 attendees from more than 40 countries. NGA Director Robert Cardillo’s keynote address is this year’s big draw. SpaceNews is producing the exclusive digital show dailies during all four exhibit days.

An ISRO Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle lifts off Feb. 14 carrying 104 satellites on a single rocket. Credit: ISRO
NASA CubeSats Heading into Orbit (Artist's Concept) Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
DLR’s Earth Sensing Imaging Spectrometer will be the first payload tested on the Multi-User System for Earth Sensing (MUSES), Teledyne Brown’s external Earth-facing platform that traveled to the space station in June inside a SpaceX Dragon cargo capsule. Credit: Teledyne Brown artist's concept.
“There’s been a big demand for us to operate our satellites as well as manufacture them,” said Craig Clark, Clyde Space founder and chief executive. Credit: Clyde Space
Faraday smallsat
Ursa Space Systems plans to begin offering weekly reports on oil storage drawn from SAR data. Credit: Wikicommons
Tyvak cubesat
Artist's concept of Iridium Next satellite. Credit: Iridium
A technician works on a double deployed cubesat in the Clyde Space clean room. Credit: Clyde Space
NASA artist's concept of SLS.
Accion Systems' electrospray thruster chips (shown in gold) arranged on a notional satellite. Credit: Accion Systems
A dime-sized thruster chip developed by Accion Systems. Credit: Accion Systems
Planet Labs Doves ISS
NGA Director Robert Cardillo
Dellingr cubesat

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