SpaceNews is reporting from Mountain View, California, Oct. 8-10 to bring you special coverage of Satellite Innovation 2019.

Industry skeptical about the business case for megaconstellations
Earth observation is expanding into new markets
Rate of space industry deals may slow down in the next year
SES CEO thinks satellite industry consolidation likely
GHGSat lauds performance of methane-monitoring satellite
Schedule is king for C-band replacement satellites
Space debris a frequent topic at Satellite Innovation 2020
Dankberg teases ViaSat-4 specs, still mulling MEO constellation
Satellite industry slowly embracing the cloud
Satellites could claim larger share of booming IoT market
Manufacturers say wider range of satellites they build is stressing mission assurance
Earth observation customers want speedy satellite tasking
Time is ripe for entrepreneurs to partner with U.S. national security space groups, says Fred Kennedy
LeoLabs planning to triple number of radar sites for space debris tracking by early 2020s
Space industry pressed to hire enough software engineers
Inflection point within the year for megaconstellations?

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