FCC approves new orbital debris rule
House committee questions FCC orbital debris rule
Lamborn: ‘Merit on both sides’ of debate over Space National Guard
China seeks new partners for lunar and deep space exploration
Lawmakers press Air Force for final decision on U.S. Space Command
Artemis Accords signatories hold first meeting
New report raises questions on DoD’s multi-orbit plan for space sensors
France to increase space spending by 25%
Congress asks for more transparency into New Shepard failure investigation
Japan, Germany declare moratorium on anti-satellite missile tests
ESA seeks major funding increase at ministerial
White House requests proposals for regulating novel commercial space activities
U.S. to introduce U.N. resolution on ASAT testing ban
FAA and NTSB reach new agreement on commercial space investigations
Commerce and Defense Departments sign agreement on space traffic management cooperation
FCC to set five-year deadline for deorbiting LEO satellites

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