Foust Forward | “Pro-space” lawmakers on wrong side of history after Capitol riot
White House executive order promotes development of space and defense nuclear power systems
Pace steps down from National Space Council
Congress overrides Trump’s veto and passes the National Defense Authorization Act
White House releases planetary protection strategy
House overrides Trump’s veto of the National Defense Authorization Act
Defense bill prospects unclear as House prepares to override Trump’s veto
Op-ed | Not all space capabilities should reside in Space Force
On National Security | Space acquisition reform awaits Biden’s Pentagon team
Omnibus spending bill gives Space Force its first separate budget
Op-ed | Building on the Artemis Accords to address space sustainability
NASA receives $23.271 billion in fiscal year 2021 omnibus spending bill
Op-ed | Protecting our assets from space debris
Senate passes NASA authorization act
New ESA director general sees EU relations and commercialization as priorities
House passes two space bills

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