Industry looks to decentralized approaches to space sustainability
Quad nations unveil satellite-based maritime monitoring initiative
Biden vows to expand space cooperation with South Korea, Japan
Industry pushes for NASA reauthorization
ISS partnership feeling some effects of sanctions on Russia
Op-ed | U.S. Antisatellite Test Ban Reveals a New Approach for Security and Sustainability in Space
Op-ed | Space Safety Concerns Put Economic Growth at Risk
Op-ed | Herding rockets: Improved Space Traffic Management will accelerate industry growth
Colombia signs Artemis Accords
India, France agree to cooperate on secure access to outer space, space-based challenges
Canada joins U.S. in ASAT testing ban
South Korea’s new president seeks independent space agency, deeper US space cooperation
FAA and NTSB discussing roles in commercial spaceflight investigations
Senate rejects effort to strip NASA lunar lander provision from authorization bill
Nelson criticizes “plague” of cost-plus NASA contracts
Space Force leaders questioned on their plans to invest in technology and workforce

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