Senate Armed Services Committee to conduct ‘paper hearings’ during pandemic
Venezuela’s flagship communications satellite out of service and tumbling
National Space Council meeting postponed
DoD memo: Suppliers of critical products and services must stay on the job during pandemic
Argentine operator Arsat revives plans for third satellite
Arianespace suspends French Guiana launches amid coronavirus response
Space in the time of the coronavirus
Acquisition in state of confusion: Questions loom on the role of the Space Development Agency
Foust Forward | The sound and fury over a NASA authorization bill
Op-ed | H.R. 5666 will launch the U.S. in the wrong direction
FCC’s $9.7 billion C-band incentive hinging on Intelsat and SES participation 
WFIRST, proposed for cancellation, is approved for development
House Science Committee prepares to take up NASA authorization bill
FCC approves $9.7 billion package to speed C-band clearing
Cruz skeptical about prospects for NASA appropriations or other legislation
Telesat sides with SES against Intelsat’s request for more C-band money

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