Lockheed Martin lunar lander
Mars 2020 rover
Liftoff of the Long March 3B from Xichang at 2:07 p.m. Eastern Nov. 18, 2018. Credit: CASC
NG-10 Antares Cygnus launch
Maxar's Space Systems Loral is one of several firms proposing to use a commercial satellite bus as the basis for a Power and Propulsion Element for NASA’s planned lunar Gateway. Credit: Space Systems Loral
A bold, national undertaking such as a manned Mars mission might be just the shot in the arm the U.S. economy needs.
Antares Cygnus NG-10
Space Rider aims to provide Europe with an affordable, independent, reusable end-to-end integrated space transportation system for routine access and return from low orbit. It will be used to transport payloads for an array of applications, orbit altitudes and inclinations. Credit: ESA
Model of China's unnamed new launch vehicle on display in Zhuhai in November. Credit: CASC
Josef Aschbacher, ESA’s director for Earth observation programs
Cassini Enceladus
When President Trump announced plans for a Space Force, it triggered a legal debate on the justification for such a force. Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls
TESS Falcon 9 launch

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