Starliner and Crew Dragon
SpaceIL lander
Delta 2 ICESat-2
SpaceX BFR moon
The first wind data from ESA’s Aeolus satellite released Sept. 12 shows three quarters of one orbit. The image shows large-scale easterly and westerly winds between Earth’s surface and the lower stratosphere, including jet streams. As the satellite orbits from the Arctic towards the Antarctic, it senses, for example, strong westerly wind streams at mid latitudes (shown in blue). Closer to Antarctic, Aeolus senses strong westerly winds circling the Antarctic continent in the troposphere and stratosphere (shown in blue left of Antarctica and in red right of Antarctica.) Credit: ESA
Iridium CEO Matt Desch at World Satellite Business Week. Credit: SpaceNews/Brian Berger
Kepler K2
Opportunity rover
By creating a demand function for propellant for future exploration and providing key investments…the U.S. government can create an environment where free enterprise can thrive and the nation and world economy can prosper by expanding the Earth’s economic realm into space. Credit: SpaceNews illustration
Soyuz MS-09
As part of ongoing efforts to advance Army capabilities in the area of electronic warfare, the Army’s Rapid Equipping Force will equip United States Army Forces Command with Electronic Warfare Tactical Vehicles this Fall.
Space for Humanity is considering purchasing rides for participants on Blue Origin's New Shepard reusable, suborbital rocket, which has undergone multiple test flights, and may take tourists into space as early as 2018. Credit: Blue Origin

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