Rocket Lab launches Argos tracking payload
Ariane 6 upper stage testing underway
Virgin Orbit awaiting license for first UK launch
India on track for OneWeb launch in second half of October
After successful first launch, Firefly sets sight on national security market
SpaceX launches Crew-5 mission to the space station
SES closer to $4 billion payout after ULA launch to near-geostationary orbit
SpaceX to upgrade Cape Canaveral pad for crew and cargo missions
Firefly’s Alpha rocket reaches orbit on second launch
South Korea seeks $32.9 million to launch satellites grounded by Russia sanctions
NASA and Astra modify TROPICS launch contract
Crew-5 launch preparations continue amid hurricane threat
China conducts trio of orbital launches across two days
NRO satellite flies to orbit in Delta 4’s final West Coast launch
ULA’s Delta 4 prepares for final West Coast launch as Vandenberg seeks new tenants
Draft solicitation for national security space launch services expected in early 2023

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