Next Starliner test flights slips to late summer
NASA approves plans for Crew-2 launch
Blue Origin aces dress rehearsal for New Shepard crewed flights
Arianespace offers free launch to deserving cubesat
Astrobotic selects Falcon Heavy to launch NASA’s VIPER lunar rover
China preparing Tianzhou-2 cargo mission to follow upcoming space station launch
Blue Origin to perform dress rehearsal for crewed New Shepard flights
Space Force to create ‘one-stop shop’ for launch procurement and operations
SpaceX launches another set of Starlink satellites as it nears global coverage
Engine explosion blamed for latest Starship crash
Lockheed Martin makes block buy of launches from ABL Space Systems
FCC proposes to allocate spectrum for commercial launches
China launches second Gaofen-12 Earth observation satellite
SpaceX crashes another Starship prototype
Space Force to launch fifth SBIRS satellite in May
BlackSky strikes deal with Rocket Lab to launch eight more satellites in 2021

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