Download all four <em>SpaceNews</em> show dailies from the 70th International Astronautical Congress (IAC)
NASA confirms plans to send prospecting rover to the moon
Stopgap funding bill could impair NASA’s lunar ambitions
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries mulls upgraded H3 rocket variants for lunar missions
UAE plans to expand astronaut corps
Firefly agreement with Aerojet offering immediate benefits
Virgin Orbit to add extra rocket stage to LauncherOne for interplanetary missions
NSLComm reports 90 percent success on first cubesat mission
MILO Institute invites partners to join missions to moon, near-Earth objects
Capella orders more Addvalue data-relay terminals
New Zealand Space Agency aims for sustainability, agility, collaboration
Spacebit forms partnership, prepares to send tiny rover to the moon
How many small launch vehicles are being developed? Too many to track!
Japanese lunar lander company ispace on schedule for 2021 first mission
NASA encourages industry to develop spacecraft cleanliness standards
DLR, Teledyne begin hyperspectral imaging from ISS

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