From the pandemic to going public: Space startups face hiring challenges
Researchers explore COVID-19’s environmental impact
Virgin Galactic delays SpaceShipTwo test flight because of pandemic
Euroconsult: Record number of smallsats launched in 2020
Pentagon has not shown COVID stimulus helps small businesses, says HASC chairman
Arianespace lofts three spacecraft in first Ariane 5 launch since start of pandemic 
Coronavirus adds to ViaSat-3 launch delay
Senate pandemic relief bill offers $1.5 billion for NASA
VOX Space president questions DoD’s handling of stimulus funding for small launch industry
Industry executive:  Defense Production Act small launch contracts should have been competed
BlackSky gets U.S. Air Force contract to monitor coronavirus outbreaks
NASA still grappling with effects of coronavirus pandemic
Near Space Labs discloses prices for Texas imagery
Funds no longer available for Defense Production Act small launch contracts
DoD awards $15 million Defense Production Act contract to LeoLabs
DoD withdraws Defense Production Act small launch contract awards

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