Trump to attend Demo-2 launch, but fewer other guests
Ariane 6 maiden flight likely slipping to 2021
DIU to test Isotropic multi-beam terminals for naval vessels
NASA’s Michoud Assembly Facility to partially reopen
Pentagon keeping an eye on space industry bankruptcies but no actions planned yet
HawkEye 360 detects uptick in Italian maritime activity
First SLS launch now expected in late 2021
Op-ed | What the government should or should not do to help space industry
Capella to supply U.S. Navy with airborne imagery
Space Force vice commander: China can’t be allowed to buy bankrupt U.S. space companies
Branson to sell part of Virgin Galactic stake
Shakeout in small launch industry is coming but nobody can predict when
National security space conference to propose plan to boost industrial base
NASA outlines plans to gradually reopen centers
Virgin Galactic says full effect of pandemic on its business still unknown
Treasury unlikely to change rule that disqualifies space startups from relief loans

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