Boeing says Spaceway-1 battery failure has low risk of repeating on similar satellites
Vector proceeding with sale of assets
Space industry group focused on cybersecurity to begin operations in spring 2020
Tethers Unlimited says early results of deorbit hardware test promising
Firefly suffers anomaly during launch vehicle test
Descartes Labs unveils data refinery, modeling platform
DirecTV fears explosion risk from satellite with damaged battery
Boeing drops out of DARPA Experimental Spaceplane program
Firefly, Innovative Space Logistics sign launch agreement • Viasat nabs $90M IDIQ contract
Acting NOAA leader stresses importance of public-private partnerships
EU to invest 200 million euros into space industry
Capella unveils radar satellite design
Stratolaunch confirms interest in launch services and hypersonic vehicles
Made In Space expands facilities, moves headquarters to Florida
Startup Skylo seeks to connect millions of devices, vehicles, vessels via satellite
Work advances on space sustainability rating

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