Capella unveils radar satellite design
Stratolaunch confirms interest in launch services and hypersonic vehicles
Made In Space expands facilities, moves headquarters to Florida
Startup Skylo seeks to connect millions of devices, vehicles, vessels via satellite
Work advances on space sustainability rating
Iceye releases dark vessel detection product
BAE Systems to acquire Collins’ military GPS and Raytheon’s airborne tactical radios businesses
NASA considering extended Crew Dragon test flight to ISS
SpaceX performs in-flight abort test of Crew Dragon spacecraft
SpaceX to test Crew Dragon launch abort system
Power loss halves Eutelsat 5 West B capacity, hosted payload spared
SpinLaunch raises $35 million
Arianespace launches Eutelsat, ISRO satellites on first 2020 mission
Luxembourg establishes space industry venture fund
Space startups warming to U.S. government as investor, customer
China launches Yinhe-1 commercial low Earth orbit 5G satellite

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