Virgin Orbit selects Japanese airport as launch site
Momentus signs up Taiwanese customer for Vigoride flight
Rocket Lab executive says company is well positioned to weather crisis
NASA selects astronauts for Crew Dragon mission
Orbit Fab gets award to test satellite refueling technology
Virgin Orbit designs mass-producible ventilator for coronavirus patients
Stratolaunch announces hypersonic vehicle plans
OneWeb files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
SpaceX wins NASA commercial cargo contract for lunar Gateway
Avio, exempt from Italy’s coronavirus lockdown, seeks reopening of French Guiana spaceport
Iceye unveils radar imagery with 25-centimeter resolution
ArianeGroup expands GEOTracker telescope network • ITU forms info sharing platform for network resilience
SpaceX reports problem during Crew Dragon parachute test
NASA to hand off spacecraft communications to industry
APT Satellite revenue down as competitors multiply
NASA to participate in SpaceX engine anomaly investigation

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