Space logistics experts broadly endorse standards
Starliner concludes OFT-2 test flight with landing in New Mexico
Gogo’s OneWeb partnership could face Starlink in business aviation market
Virgin Orbit expects first U.K. launch in August
BlackSky, Maxar, Planet win 10-year NRO contracts for satellite imagery
Industry looks to decentralized approaches to space sustainability
Launcher wins Space Force contract to support engine development
Supply chain challenges also present opportunities for the space industry
Experts offer advice for space sector entrepreneurs
Space Systems Command refines front-door concept
AWS picks 10 startups for 2022 space accelerator
Starlink’s RV service lets users jump the line — for a price
Azure Space offers Custom Vision tools for satellite imagery
Japan Air Self Defense Force awards contract to LeoLabs   
Benchmark works with Space Forge to develop reusable engines
NASA plans to make Starliner crew assignments this summer

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