Crew Dragon SuperDraco thruster test
Antares Cygnus NG-11 launch
Taurus Glory launch
Deimos Atlas 5 debris
Eleven Orbcomm spacecraft are attached to their dispenser prior to being encapsulated within the Falcon 9's payload fairing. Credit: Orbcomm
Matt Desch Iridium
KP Labs says its Intuition-1 is to perform Earth observation with the use of a hyperspectral instrument and advanced data processing based on deep neural networks that will be placed onboard the satellite. Credit: KP Labs artist's concept
Reltivity mu Space signing
SSO-A Falcon 9 launch
Dragon at ISS
SuperDraco test
Leaf Space hopes to have ground stations in 12 locations by late 2020, up from four today. Credit: Leaf Space
The U.S. Army plans to conduct the first on-orbit demonstration of York Space Systems' S-class small satellite through the Harbinger mission. The satellite is slated for launch in late April or early May on the Rocket Lab Electron launch vehicle. Credit: York Space Systems
Virgin Galactic astronauts
Intelsat-29e, launched in January 2016, was declared a total loss April 18, 2019, after problems with its propulsion and communications systems. Credit: Intelsat.
256 elements antenna array

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