DoD awards $15 million Defense Production Act contract to LeoLabs
Ex-Im Bank to step up support for space industry challenged by Chinese competitors
Apstar-6D launches on Long March 3B rocket
Descartes Labs wins U.S. Air Force contract for geospatial data analytics
NASA completes reviews of Boeing commercial crew test flight
OneWeb’s revival worries astronomers
The long countdown to commercial crew’s liftoff
Op-ed | Is the future of space ops officeless?
Rocket Lab Electron launch fails
Blue Canyon Technologies could produce up to 20 satellite buses for DARPA’s Blackjack
British government and Bharti Global buy OneWeb, plan $1 billion investment to revive company
NASA preparing second round of smallsat launch services program
Commercial launch industry off to slow start in 2020
Optus orders OneSat satellite from Airbus
Solar sail spacecraft begins extended mission
Blue Origin delivers the first BE-4 engine to United Launch Alliance

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