Deimos-2 UrtheCast
boeing building
Artist's rendition of BSAT-4b. Credit: SSL/Maxar Technologies
SpaceX Falcon 9 SES-12
Descartes Labs added imagery from Airbus OneAtlas catalog to the platform it is developing for  global-scale predictive analytics. The Airbus catalog offers 50-centimeters-per-pixel imagery for the largest 2,600 cities. This is an Airbus image of Toulouse, France. Credit: Descartes Labs
ViaSat MEO
Blue Moon
Eutelsat-25b/Es'hail-1 SSL
Simpson ABS Satellite
ThrustMe Chief Technical Officer Dmytro Rafalskyi installs a thruster in a thermal vacuum chamber. Credit: ThrustMe
Astro Digital is building Helios Wire's 20-kilogram satellites with a machine-to-machine communications payload built to Helios Wire's specifications. Credit: Helios Wire
Charlie Ergen, chairman of EchoStar and Dish Network. Credit: Getty
There is a growing recognition within the industry that small satellites could become targets if hackers identify ways to profit from gaining access to their networks or ways to inflict harm by controlling or disabling them. Credit: iStock

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