Chris Boshuizen, Will Marshall and Robbie Schingler cofounded Planet in 2010. The firm grew to employ nearly 500 people. Credit: Planet
Astrobotic Peregrine
Dextre NASA Neptec Kounotori
Gogo 737 Test Aircraft
China Satcom
A communications satellite is manufactured by the Boeing Company. Credit: Boeing
Apollo Constellation Engine
Launched in June 2001, Intelsat-901 is healthy but running low on fuel. MEV 1 aims to fix that. Credit: Intelsat
Kepler Communications
Artist's depiction of LeoSat satellites. Credit: Thales Alenia Space
Blue Origin's New Shepard suborbital vehicle on the pad prior to an April 29 launch. Credit: Blue Origin
U.S. commercial remote sensing regulations will be put to the test by new ventures, such as EarthNow, a Bill Gates-and-SoftBank-backed venture that aims to distribute live video of the Earth. Credit: NASA’s Epic camera aboard DSCOVR Satellite
RD-180 engine mounted on Atlas 5 rocket. Credit: ULA

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