Pradman Kaul, president of Hughes Network Systems. Credit: Hughes
C-Band Alliance
Thales Meteosat ESA
Vector-R launch
ABS-3A satellite. Credit: Boeing artist's concept
Airbus' high-endurance Zephyr UAVs are designed to complement remote-sensing satellites by providing persistent coverage over a limited geographic area. Credit: Airbus
Rolls-Royce developed this concept for bridge operations of remote cargo vessels with Finland's VTT Technical Research Centre. Credit: Rolls-Royce
Projects like LEOSat's planned constellation of 84 broadband satellites in low Earth orbit are driving investments in flat panel antenna technology. Credit: Thales Alenia Space
LC-2 groundbreaking
ThinKom antennas
Kepler Communications KIPP
Eric Béranger
Beau Jarvis, Phase Four's new chief revenue officer, previously worked at Planet refining  product features, the business plan and revenue generation.  He also was HawkEye360's chief revenue officer, leading early sales and marketing efforts. Credit: Phase Four
An artist's concept of Orbital ATK's OmegA rocket in flight.

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