is reporting from Colorado Springs, Colorado, August 23-26 to bring you comprehensive coverage of the 36th Space Symposium.

Aerospace Corp. CEO sees winds of change in space procurement
Space agencies support space traffic management but differ on how it should be developed
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How AWS is opening up space with the cloud
Space Force launch director on Vulcan and BE-4: ‘We have to be very focused from here on out’
Dragonfly Aerospace’s journey from camera specialist to microsatellite builder
Amazon calls on FCC to reject SpaceX’s amended second-gen Starlink plan
Global microelectronic shortages trickle down to military satellite programs 
ESA pursuing European space summit to discuss new flagship space programs
White House to revise charter and membership of space council advisory group
All future Starlink satellites will have laser crosslinks
Mynaric debuts space laser terminal with sights on U.S. expansion
Geospatial intelligence giving supply chain clarity in uncertain times
Majority of Intelsat debt holders approve plan to exit bankruptcy
Liquid oxygen shortage squeezes SpaceX launch plans
Space agencies support ISS extension as NASA warns of space race with China

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