NASA’s second redesigned Space Shuttle External Tank, designated for
use on Atlantis’ Return to Flight mission STS-121, is now in place at
NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Fla.

Following a 900-mile journey at sea from the Michoud Assembly Facility
in New Orleans by NASA’s Solid Rocket Booster Retrieval Ship Freedom
Star, the External Tank was off-loaded from the barge and transported
to the Vehicle Assembly Building.

In response to the Columbia Accident Investigation Board’s
recommendation, the new tank incorporates several safety
improvements, including an improved bipod fitting that connects the
tank to the orbiter. In addition, NASA’s second redesigned tank has
been outfitted with temperature sensors and accelerometers, used to
measure vibration. These sensors will gather information about how
the tank performs during flight.

In the VAB, the tank will be raised this week from a horizontal to a
vertical position, then lifted high into a storage cell, or “checkout
cell,” where it undergoes inspections of the mechanical, electrical
and thermal protection systems. New processing activities resulting
from redesign of the tank include inspection of the bipod heater and
External Tank separation camera.

When tank preparations are complete, it will be attached to Atlantis’
Solid Rocket Boosters, on the Mobile Launch Platform.

STS-121 is NASA’s second Return to Flight mission, carrying a
seven-member crew to the International Space Station during a launch
planning window of July 12 through July 31.

Photos of the External Tank’s arrival can be found online. Additional
photos will be added to the page as they are available.

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