Following the 10th successful
Sea Launch mission on Sept. 30, the Sea Launch Board of Directors met and
resolved to go forward with plans to offer launch services from the Baikonur
Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, in addition to its sea-based launches at the
Equator. The new offering, Land Launch, is based on the collaboration of Sea
Launch Company and Space International Services (SIS), of Russia, to meet the
launch needs of commercial customers with medium weight satellites.

Optimizing on heritage hardware, systems and expertise, the Land Launch
system will use a version of the Sea Launch Zenit-3SL rocket to lift
commercial satellites in the 2000-3500 kg range to geosynchronous transfer
orbit, and heavier payloads to inclined or lower orbits. A two-stage
configuration of the same rocket will also be available for launching heavy
payloads, or groups of payloads, to low Earth orbits. Payloads and vehicles
will be processed and launched from existing Zenit facilities at the Baikonur
launch site.

“Land Launch represents a major opportunity for Sea Launch to expand its
role in the commercial space transportation arena,” said Jim Maser, president
and general manager of Sea Launch. “We responded to the need for cost-
efficiency and schedule assurance in the heavy-lift market. Now, through our
Land Launch offering, we are responding to the demand for reliable, single
payload capabilities in the medium-weight payload market.”

“All SIS partners look forward to bringing their extensive expertise to
this project,” said Igor Alekseev, director, SIS. “With the strong support of
the Russian Aviation and Space Agency and the participation of Sea Launch, we
are confident that Land Launch will bring an outstanding service to the

With an initial launch capability slated for the 4th Quarter of 2005, Land
Launch will use existing Zenit technology and infrastructure, minimizing risk,
cost and start-up time. Sea Launch will provide commercial customers with
mission management and the Boeing-led quality assurance and hardware
acceptance procedures that have contributed to the outstanding reliability of
the Sea Launch system. SIS will be responsible for launch operations.

Boeing Launch Services, Inc. (BLS) will manage marketing and sales for the
new offering, in a seamless expansion of their current support to Sea Launch
customers. Established in 2001, the BLS team represents a family of vehicles
to meet every payload lift requirement, from 1,000 kg -13,000 kg. For more
information, go to: .

Sea Launch Company, LLC, based in Long Beach, Calif., provides reliable
heavy lift launch services to commercial satellite customers. The
international partners include Boeing (U.S.), Kvaerner Group (Norway), RSC
Energia (Russia) and SDO Yuzhnoye/PO Yuzhmash (Ukraine). Established in 1995,
Sea Launch has completed ten successful missions. For more information, visit
the Sea Launch website at .

Space International Services is a Moscow-based venture, founded by SDO
Yuzhnoye/PO Yuzhmash, the Design Bureau of Transport Machinery (KBTM, of
Russia), and TseNKI (Center for Ground-based Space Infrastructure, of Russia),
under the Russian Space and Aviation Agency.