615 House and Senate Web Sites Examined in 2006 Gold Mouse Report

(Washington, DC) The House Committee on Science and Technology’s minority website from the 109th Congress was honored today as one of the best in Congress.

The website received the Gold Mouse Award, the highest honor issued by the Congressional Management Foundation, a non-profit, non-partisan management consulting and research organization in Washington, D.C.

The site, www.house.gov/sciencedems, was one of 615 evaluated in The 2006 Gold Mouse Report: Recognizing the Best Web Sites on Capitol Hill, which analyzed all congressional Web sites, committees (both majority and minority sites), and official leadership sites. The website is one of only 18 to receive the Gold Mouse Award. Twenty-seven were recognized with a Silver Award, and 40 received the Bronze.

“I hope our site can continue to be a valuable informational tool for anyone in search of science and technology information – whether it’s a teacher in search of lesson plans, a student who needs questions answered or any concerned citizen who likes to stay informed on the work of Congress,” said Committee Chairman Bart Gordon (D-TN).

The website – now http://science.house.gov – serves as the website for the full Science & Technology Committee.

“The House Committee on Science’s Minority Web site provides as much content as a user could expect from any congressional committee,” the CMF report states. “It does an excellent job of showcasing information in a way that improves the users’ sense of depth and breadth of the committee’s duties.”

The Gold Mouse Report and Awards are part of the Congressional Management Foundation’s broader research project, “Connecting to Congress,” funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

Web sites were graded on how well they incorporate five basic building blocks that extensive research has identified as critical for effectiveness: audience, content, usability, interactivity, and innovation.

A full copy of the report, the 2006 Gold Mouse Report: Recognizing the Best Web Sites on Capitol Hill, is available on the Congressional Management Foundation’s Web site at www.cmfweb.org