Science Systems and Applications, Inc. (SSAI) is pleased to announce the arrival of the company’s first-ever Chief Scientist, Dr. Oreste Reale.  Dr. Reale joins our team to ensure SSAI continues to provide best-in-class science support to our many customers and to expand and improve our ability to meet rapidly evolving future requirements.


After receiving his Laurea in geophysical engineering from the University of Trieste, Italy (1990) and Ph.D. in Meteorology from the University of Maryland, College Park (1996), Dr. Reale contributed to the development of a meteo-hydrological operational center in Genoa, Italy, before moving to the Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies in Maryland in 1999.


In 2001 he joined NASA Goddard Space Flight Center through the UMBC/GEST program. Over the years to follow, he assumed progressive leadership roles, becoming a Senior Scientist/Group Lead with USRA/GESTAR in 2011, Associate Director in 2015, and Director of GESTAR in 2019.


Dr. Reale’s research interests include atmospheric dynamics, synoptic-dynamic meteorology, tropical meteorology, data impact studies, and assimilation of hyper spectral infrared radiances with particular emphasis on the improvement of tropical cyclone analysis and forecast.  He has been a member of the NASA Sounder Science Team since 2011 and a Principal Investigator on a number of grants focused on the assimilation of AIRS and CrIS cloud-cleared radiances in the GEOS system.  Other research work centered on various simulation experiments and use of Calipso-CloudSat data in the study of monsoons and the long-term predictability of tropical cyclones. Other scientific interests include the general circulation of the Martian atmosphere and observing system simulation experiments for Mars. 


Along with his exceptional scientific achievements, Dr. Reale brings a fresh strategic vision to SSAI and a strong commitment to mentoring the next generation of scientists to support our customers.


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