Satellogic Inc. (NASDAQ:SATL), a leader in sub-meter resolution satellite imagery collection, today announced a new partnership with Palantir Technologies Inc. (NYSE:PLTR), a leading builder of operating systems for the modern enterprise. Under the agreement, Satellogic will leverage Palantir’s Foundry platform, accelerating business processes, rapid image product delivery, AI model training, and enterprise-wide data integration. Palantir’s government and commercial customers will have access to Satellogic’s Aleph platform APIs to power their use of Palantir’s MetaConstellation and Edge AI capabilities.

Today’s announcement builds on an existing collaboration between Satellogic and Palantir to field unique AI capabilities to the orbital edge. Last year, Satellogic engaged with Palantir to deploy and test Palantir’s Edge AI platform on board Satellogic’s NewSat satellites. This successful iteration included live upgrades to the satellite’s onboard AI, enabling an ultra-low-latency maritime use-case. Palantir and Satellogic customers will soon have access to the Edge AI platform running on Satellogic satellites.

The strategic partnership announced today is expected to accelerate the capabilities both companies can provide to customers in the field, combining industry-leading technologies in satellite imaging, Edge AI, and data-driven decisions.

Foundry will further enhance Satellogic’s image-processing pipeline, unlocking advanced image and geospatial products for customers. Beyond superior image products, Foundry will enable Satellogic to offer customers tailored AI insights derived from images, accelerating the training, iteration, and deployment process for new models.

It will also allow Satellogic to implement a company operating system for all the data produced by Satellogic, to act as a single repository for constellation optimization. The repository will integrate analytics across the information chain from component traceability through satellite telemetry, all the way to image quality, operational cost, and revenue generation.

Satellogic will be able to grant API access to its partners and suppliers so they can upload data directly to the Foundry platform for algorithm training plus data layer development and analytics. This is expected to accelerate Satellogic’s go-to-market for data products, streamline pipeline management, and further scale customer delivery required for weekly and daily world remaps.

“The holistic capabilities of Palantir’s Foundry will be instrumental in helping Satellogic realize our mission to improve life on Earth through geospatial data,” said Matthew Tirman, President of Satellogic North America. “As a vertically integrated company, we already have a significant competitive advantage when it comes to supply-chain resilience. Further, as part of this agreement, Satellogic will provide Palantir’s US government customers with ready access to Satellogic’s high-resolution satellite imagery to drive analytical insights across a range of mission-oriented use cases.”

“Our partnership with Satellogic underscores our joint commitment to empowering outcomes to the edge,” said Shyam Sankar, COO of Palantir Technologies. “Combining the forces of Palantir’s Edge AI technology with Satellogic’s frequent high-resolution imagery will give users actionable insight faster than ever, accelerating their operations from space to mud.”

Satellogic became a public company through a business combination with CF Acquisition Corp. V (NASDAQ: CFV), a special purpose acquisition company sponsored by Cantor Fitzgerald. The transaction closed January 25, 2021. After closing, Satellogic began trading on Nasdaq under ticker symbol “SATL.”

About Satellogic

Founded in 2010 by Emiliano Kargieman and Gerardo Richarte, Satellogic is the first vertically integrated geospatial company, driving real outcomes with planetary-scale insights. Satellogic is creating and continuously enhancing the first scalable, fully automated Earth Observation platform with the ability to remap the entire planet at both high-frequency and high-resolution, providing accessible and affordable solutions for customers.

Satellogic’s mission is to democratize access to geospatial data of high-resolution images and analytics through its information platform to help solve the world’s most pressing problems including climate change, energy supply, and food security. Using its patented Earth imaging technology, Satellogic unlocks the power of Earth Observation to deliver high-quality, planetary insights at the lowest cost in the industry.

With more than a decade of experience in space, Satellogic has proven technology and a strong track record of delivering satellites to orbit and high-resolution data to customers at the right price point.

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