On February 26th scientific equipment BTN-M1 started to operate onboard the International Space Station Russian Segment (ISS RS) as part of Russian space experiment BTN-Neitron. As follows from the telemetry data, the equipment operates nominally. The data being received is sent to the RAS IKI for archiving and processing.

On February 22th, 2007 during regular space walk Mikhail Tyurin (test cosmonaut from S.P. Korolev RSC Energia) and Michael Lopez-Alegria (NASA astronaut) completed the work to connect equipment BTN-M1, which was initiated in November, last year. Since February 26, 2007 the equipment has been operating in a test mode of scientific measurements.

In order to provide the scientific equipment accommodation and its integration with the ISS RS systems, the use is made of special tooling manufactured at S.P. Korolev RSC Energia, namely: set of external and internal cables, assembly-installation truss with latches. The Russian Segment service systems monitor the equipment.