For the last 10 years space enterprises have been successfully realizing commercial space projects for foreign customers. Developing world market of launch services using Russian launch vehicles makes it possible to attract additional funds for design and improvement of space launch systems and development of production plants. It also contributes to fulfillment of projects in the interests of Federal Space Program. Cost of Russian launch services in the world market corresponds to average world prices.

At the same time, in recent years the tendency to offer launch services to foreign customers at the costs much lower than world prices is evident. In particular, it relates to a piggyback launches of foreign satellites aboard space launch vehicle Dnepr. In addition, they offer updated version of the launch vehicle that have not bean proved. It obviously is premature and requires be considering and approving by Roskosmos.

In this situation, it is recommended that enterprises should consult with Federal Space Agency before discussing and agreeing upon the basic terms of a contract for launch services to be rendered to the customers and determining contract price.