Oklahoma City, OK, April 6, 2006 – Rocketplane® Limited, Inc. salutes SpaceShot, Inc. for an amazing new product: Play an Internet skill game for $3 and win a trip to space.

Normally, it takes many years for technological innovation and mass production to make expensive luxuries accessible to average people. SpaceShot, Inc. has short-circuited this process and made flights on the suborbital spacecraft, the Rocketplane XP, available to hundreds of winners competing on line in a skill game that costs a mere $3 per entry. Players can start testing their skills at www.space-shot.com.

Rocketplane has set aside a block of seats during the first six months of space flight operations scheduled to start in 2007 for SpaceShot winners, and they stand by to serve hundreds of winners, and to build more spaceplanes to meet demand.

“I’m looking forward to taking the winners on the ride of a lifetime!” said, John Herrington, former NASA astronaut, Rocketplane Vice President and Director of Flight Operations.

American ingenuity helped the world take flight a century ago at Kitty Hawk and now airplane flight is essential to the economy. Humankind has reached a new historic milestone where space becomes the province of ordinary citizens. This development will help grow the industry and be a stepping stone to the stars.

“Endeavors like SpaceShot will bring the opportunity for space travel to people of average means, not just the wealthiest among us,” said George French, Rocketplane CEO. “SpaceShot’s idea will help to jump start this industry.”

For more information contact Bob Seto at (405) 488-1200 x109 or bseto@rocketplane.com or Sam Dinkin at (888) 434-6546 or dinkin@space-shot.com. Or, visit www.rocketplane.com.