From 1 March, Dr. Robert Massey will be taking over as the press officer (part-time) for the Royal Astronomical Society (RAS). He is replacing Peter Bond, who has been the Society’s space science advisor / press officer since September 1995.

Dr. Massey, who has a postgraduate degree in astrophysics, was appointed as the RAS Policy Officer in November 2006, having previously held the posts of Public Astronomer and Astronomy Information Officer at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich (ROG). During his time at the ROG, he made many appearances on TV and radio to explain various aspects of modern astronomy and space exploration. Dr. Massey has an active interest in astronomy education and has also written a number of articles on astronomy for various publications.

Members of the media should note that all requests for assistance and enquiries related to press activities or releases related to the RAS National Astronomy Meeting 2007 should be addressed to Dr. Massey after 1 March.

Dr. Massey can be contacted as follows:

Mobile: +44 (0)794 124 8035


Peter Bond is leaving the Society to continue his career as a consultant and writer.


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