The Stafford-Covey Return to Flight Task Group postponed the public meeting scheduled for 8:30 a.m. EST, Thursday, March 31, 2005, in Houston.

During the past two days of fact-finding, the task group determined data necessary to conduct the planned deliberations is not yet available. It is likely the required information will not be available until after NASA completes some additional milestones, including its Debris Design Verification Review and Program Design Certification Review. A date for the next public meeting has not been set.

“As we strive to complete our assessment of NASA’s activities in response to the Columbia Accident Investigation Board’s (CAIB) recommendations, the Task Group has determined that meaningful conclusions must await data and information being developed for the upcoming program milestones,” said Task Group Co-chairman Richard O. Covey.

The Task Group is chartered by NASA to perform an independent assessment of the agency’s implementation of the Return to Flight recommendations of the CAIB. For more information about the Task Group on the Web, visit: