Yesterday, Congressman Bart Gordon (D-TN) was selected by the House Democratic Caucus to become the Ranking Member on the Science Committee.

Rep. Gordon, who first served on the Science Committee in 1985, is the senior Democrat on the panel and has previously served as the Ranking Member on two subcommittees – the Subcommittee on Environment, Technology, and Standards and the Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics.

Rep. Gordon commented that, “I believe the Committee should be working to insure that America remains the leader in the world economy. Only through constant innovation can our manufacturing and high technology businesses stay ahead of their competition. Innovation also requires that we ensure workers access to retraining opportunities and that we provide adequate support in educating our young people to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s workplace. The Science Committee can help meet these goals through our work on education, research and development programs of the government.

“I am grateful that my colleagues have entrusted me with this responsibility, and I look forward to working with the Chairman of the Committee, Rep. Boehlert, to further this agenda.”