WASHINGTON – Representative Sherwood Boehlert (R-New Hartford) today was officially reelected Chairman of the House Science Committee for the 109th Congress by the Republican Conference of the U.S. House of Representatives.  Boehlert was first elected chairman of the committee in 2001.

Boehlert said, “I am truly honored by this tremendous vote of confidence from the Speaker, the Party leadership, and my Republican colleagues.  My reelection as Chairman is a validation of the great progress that has been made over the past four years.   

“Since my ascension to the chairmanship in 2001, the Science Committee has amassed a remarkable record of achievement.  Among the Science Committee legislation that the President has signed into law are bills that advance Federal efforts in cybersecurity, strengthen U.S. computing capabilities, provide vital support to our nation’s first responders, strengthen K-12 math and science education, and establish a regulatory regime for the emerging commercial human space flight industry.

“Recognizing that innovation is the key to U.S. economic success, the Committee also focused its efforts on strengthening the U.S. research enterprise and American industry.    In December 2003, President Bush signed into law my 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development Act, which authorized a better funded and coordinated interagency program in nanotechnology – an emerging field of science that the National Science Foundation estimates will be a $1 trillion industry within the next decade. 


“The Committee has also been very active in charting the future of the U.S. space program.  We led the Congressional oversight of the Columbia investigation, we held several hearings on the human space flight program, and we are playing a key role in the implementation of the President’s Vision for Space Exploration.  

“I am proud of what my Committee has accomplished over the past four years.  The American people can expect even greater things from the Science Committee as we set out to build on this remarkable record of achievement.”