ReOrbit and VENG, an Argentinian-based company, signed an agreement to manufacture satellites in Argentina to serve the Latin America market. The directors of both organisations met at the Argentina Space Centre located in Cordoba Province, Argentina, to visit the VENG’s AI&T facilities, discuss future collaborations and finally sign a Memorandum of Understanding.

VENG, the main contractor of the Argentina Space Agency (CONAE) for Launch Vehicle developments, signed an agreement with ReOrbit for satellite manufacturing.  On Friday June 10th, a meeting between both companies was held at the Argentina Space Centre, located in the Town of Falda del Cañete, Córdoba Province, to sign and formalise the agreement and visit the Manufacturing, Assembling, Integration and Test facilities operated by VENG.

The agreement signed by both parties establishes two lines of work; on one hand, VENG will offer ReOrbit engineering services through its operating capabilities and specialised engineers, for both, the customers of the Finnish Company in Latin America and in the rest of the world. On the other hand, the manufacturing and testing of the Gluon platform developed by ReOrbit for their Latin America customers. The Helsinki-based company designs a satellite platform for different orbits (LEO, MEO and GEO) and can be easily adapted to different missions ranging from 150 to 500 kg. The development, which is called “Gluon Satellite Bus” , is a software-defined platform, highly reliable and fault tolerant, and with Inter-satellite link capabilities.

“ReOrbit enters into this agreement with VENG to further advance space technology in Argentina and the region. Through this agreement, ReOrbit will be able to offer its satellite platform “Gluon” together with the capabilities of VENG and its testing and integration facilities for the new generation of satellites which the industry needs. As a platform provider we are proud to work together with VENG to provide high-performance satellite platforms, minimizing costs and delivery time to the clients”, explains Sethu Saveda Suvanam, founder and CEO of ReOrbit. 

For his part, Marcos Actis, President of VENG stated “It is a honour to be chosen by ReOrbit as strategic partners to work together in the development of the space and satellite industry, both in the country and in the region, we have the capabilities and a highly trained human capital to carry out this type of development”.

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