Prolific Southeast Asian venture builder RedFOX Labs today announced it would partner with VOID Cyber and Dr. Scott Bolton, astrophysicist, and American Ingenuity Award winner, to form Chasing Space. Chasing Space will combine forces to release a series of NFTs showcasing space exploration, education and wonder in a first of its kind release on Ethereum.

Dr. Bolton is an American theoretical and experimental space scientist and founder of Artistic Sciences, a company that actively promotes a multi-disciplinary approach to science by creating products that demonstrate the connection between the arts and sciences, as well as pursues innovations in the education of art, music, philosophy, mathematics, and science.

He is also an associate vice president of the Southwest Research Institute of Space Science and Engineering Division and is the principal investigator for Juno, a mission launched in 2011 to study Jupiter’s origin, atmosphere, magnetosphere, and interior structure, and an associate vice president of the Southwest Research Institute of Space Science and Engineering Division.

Dr. Bolton has been a Co-Investigator on a number of NASA missions including the Galileo mission and the NASA/ESA Cassini-Huygens mission. During the early phases of the Cassini mission, Dr. Bolton co-chaired the Titan observation planning group for the Cassini-Huygens mission which formulated the scientific investigation of Saturn’s moon Titan. Dr. Bolton has been a Principal Investigator with NASA on various research programs since 1988.

He has authored over 250 scientific papers, book chapters, and consulted/appeared in numerous space science documentaries and earned the American Ingenuity Award from the Smithsonian. Additionally, Dr. Bolton has consulted for numerous art projects and appeared at festivals, working with academy award-winning composers Vangelis and Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), and legendary rapper GZA from the Wu Tang Clan, among many others.

VOID Cyber is a brand incubator and connector, their team has over a decade of experience in the entertainment and fashion industries working with brands and creatives. The Chasing Space collaboration aims to bring NFT collections carefully curated by renowned space scientist Scott Bolton and his team.

The Chasing Space project is inspired by and celebrates humanity’s ongoing expansion across the final frontier and aims to provide a never-before-seen look into the mystery, beauty, and history of space through NFT technology.

This marks the second major release on the RFOX NFT Platform and in addition, will also include a VR enabled planetarium located exclusively in the RFOX VALT. The Planetarium will be a world-first and allow Dr. Bolton and his associates to share, educate and promote space exploration to the next generation of space travelers and to all the enthusiasts globally.

Dr. Bolton stated, “We are truly excited to work with RedFOX Labs and VOID Cyber in pioneering a bridge between NFT technology and the unparalleled excitement of space exploration. This collaboration offers a major step toward humanity’s appreciation and inspiration of our modern-day renaissance.”

Ben Fairbank, CEO and Co-Founder RedFOX Labs stated, “We are thrilled to welcome Dr Bolton, VOID Cyber and Chasing Space to the RFOX ecosystem. Dr. Bolton has always been a visionary and has pushed the boundaries of technology in the pursuit of new discoveries. It seems fitting we combine the themes of space in our metaverse the RFOX VALT, and together with Dr. Bolton and VOID Cyber we will explore new technology and worlds as we bring you this truly amazing collection of space images and sounds on NFTs.”

The Chasing Space collection will have something for everyone, and we look forward to bringing you further details shortly.

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