Mr. Chairman, we have a full slate before us.

I’m proud to join with Senators Cruz and Markey in carrying on our
tradition of bipartisan space legislation with the Space Frontier Act.

 The bill updates commercial launch and Earth observation
regulations, extends the ISS through 2030 and expands opportunities for
partnerships with NASA under the agency’s enhanced use lease authority.  

And for companies who are experimenting with exciting new commercial
activities in space, the bill clarifies that they can continue to seek
authorization through the Department of Transportation’s Payload Review
Process while Congress ponders more expansive changes to agency

This is going to provide a nice boost for our growing space economy and the twenty-first century jobs that go along with it.

I am also pleased to join you, Chairman Thune, on the National
Quantum Initiative Act. This bill will create a new focus on quantum

It is critical that the United States start growing our investments
in quantum research if we are going to keep pace with China, the E.U.
and others.

Winning the quantum race will benefit the U.S. economy and national security.

Finally, a quick note on Senator Wicker’s ports bill.  He and I have
worked on this together and I want to thank him for his
thoughtful approach. 

I appreciate the feedback from maritime labor industries on this bill
and look forward to continuing to work on a bipartisan basis to seek
improvements that will help safeguard maritime jobs. 

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.