The Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is pleased to announce an international press conference within the initiative to present a legal and regulatory framework for space resource utilization activities.

The initiative defines a general framework for the exploration and commercial utilization of resources from Near Earth Objects (NEOs), such as asteroids. Amongst the key actions undertaken is the establishment of an appropriate legal and regulatory framework for space resource utilization activities to guarantee operators the right to harvest resources in outer space in accordance with international law.

The legal and regulatory framework will also lay down the regulations for the authorisation and the supervision of space resource exploitation missions. The rules laid down by this legislation will also take into account specific requirements relating to the exploitation of space resources.

Luxembourg is thus the first European country to set out a legal framework of its own ensuring that private operators working in space can be confident about their rights to the resources they extract in space.

The press conference will be hosted by Étienne Schneider, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Economy.

This media event will be held in the presence of Jean-Louis Schiltz, Professor (inv.) at Luxembourg University, where he teaches internet and telecommunications law. Jean-Louis Schiltz is also an attorney in private practice. He advised the Luxembourg Government in the context of the legal and regulatory framework for space resource utilization activities

The press conference is scheduled for 2 P.M. on Friday, November 11, 2016 for a duration of 1 hour (Note: Times are in Luxembourg Time).

The event will take place at the “Direction de la coopération au développement et de l’action humanitaire”, Hôtel Saint-Augustin, 6, rue de la Congrégation, L-1352 Luxembourg.

The press conference will be held in English and will be broadcast live on the Internet at the following address: A replay will be available on the same website shortly after the event.

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Ministry of the Economy, Luxembourg

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