PredaSAR, a Terran Orbital Corporation, has been selected for contract award under the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) Systems Acquisition Directorate’s Closed Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) for Strategic Collection Enhancements (SCE) in the Commercial Radar focus area.

PredaSAR is fielding one of the most technologically advanced commercial Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) systems available in the satellite imaging industry. The PredaSAR constellation will offer robust capabilities to commercial and national security customers, including a flexible and responsive remote sensing platform, low latency, frequent revisit times, and the ability to host secondary payloads. The NRO BAA award includes six months of modeling and simulation activities and 24 months to demonstrate and validate on-orbit and end-to-end mission performance. This award complements PredaSAR’s recent Air Force Research Laboratory award to host and demonstrate optical inter-satellite links.

“We are honored by the NRO’s selection of PredaSAR to participate in this BAA,” said Roger Teague, President of Earth Observation Solutions for Terran Orbital. Teague continued, “This award will enable PredaSAR to demonstrate our capabilities to the National Security Space Community and provides a path to integrate PredaSAR’s compelling commercial products and services into the nation’s hybrid space architecture. Our nation’s warfighters and intelligence professionals deserve the very best and most resilient capabilities we can deliver to quickly meet the challenges they face.”

Terran Orbital Chief Executive Officer Marc Bell added, “I am thrilled that the U.S. Government has chosen us to fulfill the objectives of this important BAA and to help advance our national security architecture. Terran Orbital is a proud partner to the U.S. Government, and we are taking aggressive steps to meet growing demand, including moving towards construction of our recently announced 660,000 square foot Florida manufacturing facility in partnership with SpaceFlorida. We look forward to continued collaboration as we satisfy the objectives of our national security and intelligence partners.”

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