Innovation & Successful Partnerships Summit brings Industry & NASA Staff Together to Promote Technology Opportunities

Planet Resource Recovery, Inc. (Pink Sheets: PRRY) is pleased to announce that it is a sponsor for the Innovation & Successful Partnerships Summit being held at Rice University. The goal of the event is to bring Texas Industry and NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC) together to provide information on the resources and assets currently available and the potential for developing new and evolving partnerships to meet Industry’s needs.

The summit is led by the Greater Houston Partnership, the JSC Team, and the Texas Workforce Commission in collaboration with the Office of the Governor, Workforce Solutions Gulf Coast and the Bay Area Houston Economic Partnership.

Kurt Neubauer, Planet Resource Recovery, CEO, stated, “This event is a perfect venue for Planet. Our innovative and environmentally-friendly technologies fit in very well with the goal of this event.” Other Sponsors of the event include: Dow, Ocean Energy Institute, MesoCoat and the National Corrosion Center.

About Planet Resource Recovery, Inc.

Planet Resource Recovery, Inc. is “Spearheading the Charge for the Maximum Economic Recovery of our Planet’s Resources through New-Age Technology and Products.” The company develops, manufactures, and markets products, processes and technologies based on scientific research and understanding of silicon and siloxane sciences to enhance the recovery of the planet’s resources including metals, minerals and hydrocarbons and to provide enhanced coatings resistant to metal corrosion. Our goal is to create new methodologies to optimize Oil & Gas production, maximize the harvesting of base and precious metals, the remediation of toxic heavy metal environmental contamination and the reduction or elimination of corrosion of metal through the use of proprietary with breakthrough technologies utilizing advanced science and chemistry to increase efficiencies, reduce costs, protect the environment and resources.

Our vision is to develop new chemical compounds and related processes to maximize efficiencies in the Oil & Gas Industry, Mining Industry, Environmental Cleanup Industry and Corrosion Industry through environmentally-friendly, cost-effective and profitable platforms that are considered “disruptive technology” and will usher in new paradigm shifts in industry.

Presently, the company is primarily focused on four distinct markets: 1) Oil & Gas Industry, 2) Remediation of industry toxic metals & byproducts, 3) Mining of base and precious metals and 4) Metal Corrosion Industry. The company has developed the proprietary compounds and is currently developing their related processes that will result innew technologies and methodologies for industry. For more information visit: